Are You Still Friends With Them, The Ex-Colleagues?


“Does it mean my friends in my current workplace will not be my friends anymore? (Or are we friends to begin with?)

This question has been bugging me for a few weeks, but it’s only now that I could get my hands on it.

My initial hypothesis on this question is that our current colleagues, the ones we interact mostly with, will later be our friends.


  1. I had been in two companies previously, and I’m still in contact with some of the people I worked with. We hang out sometimes, but not a lot. (Read: I am an introvert and I could still make some friends, so you would do better)
  2. The colleagues we collaborated with will give us an impression(s), good or bad. Be it good, we would value their opinion/act, and eventually, due to #3, they will become part of our life. Be it bad, it is still a challenge for us to work in tough environment.
  3. As human that are bound to long for social interaction (at some point in time and/or level of intensity), we seek the nearest partners available, our colleagues (we spend more or less half of our waking hours with some of our colleagues).
  4. Previously, I had posted a short article on how to restraint yourself from punching the ‘annoying’ in your office, and therefore, despite the varying types of people in your workplace, you might have gotten yourself more friends 😉

All of the above do not guarantee you a friend, because being a friend means you help them without asking for return.

Short Questions:

  1. In your adventure, have you ever moved from one company to another? If so, I am interested in knowing if you’re still in contact with your ex-colleagues (in what form, how often, etc.).
  2. I am a believer that friends are important in our lives (keep it small but meaningful). How, then, to keep being friends with them, the valuable partners, aside from creating a messaging group, occasional texting, and having dinner together?
  3. A friend countered my hypothesis, saying that  workplace friendship will vanished as soon as the dew evaporates or as soon as the season changes. My reasoning is that everything changes. We transform and so do our colleagues (more works/businesses/people coming into our lives). Therefore, is it ok if we accept that our friendship (or one sided-friendship) will also change? That we should not be clinging onto it too tight, but to let it flow.



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