What Are You Good At?

Are you a hero? Do you believe that there are hero qualities in you?

I was holding a book* which is supposed to help me getting creative. But, I couldn’t keep on reading. I am, indeed, not creative.

I was stuck.

I stumbled upon this damn section asking me to name my heroes, my strengths – things that I’m good at, no matter how small they might be. It could be anything. ANYTHING.

I wonder, “Are you good at anything, at all? You have never delivered a baby in a stuck elevator, nor whipped up a delicious dinner for four with 30 minutes’ notice.”

I don’t usually have problem being honest to others when asked what I think of them or their work. So, wouldn’t naming my own strengths be easy?

Instead, I spent a week wondering on this seemingly small feat and come up with this:

  1. I am skeptical, and also practical
  2. I, oftentimes, would place myself as devil’s advocate in a discussion (In my defence, I am being neutral, as I would consider any options as valid, if they really are).
  3. Although I might not agree with your point of view (your opinion), I do care for your feelings (your self). I sugar coat some of my opinions to make less harsh and I refrain from attacking the person you are.
  4. I choose to be a pacifist, as long as I can. However, if you attack me personally, I would bite back harder.
  5. Not a mystic, I wouldn’t be able to tell your future. But, there are many times I feel like I could see through your walls to the emotional burdens in the suitcase you are carrying around (and I would be too willing to ask why).
  6. I am an introvert, but try to be friendly. Trapped in a conversation that I classify as boring/pointless, I would still force myself to reply. If I don’t, I would view myself as having solid standpoint – there are topics I avoid although I ended being excluded by some people I consider as friends.
  7. There would be many more, but I don’t want to bore you more. (See, how caring I am! LOL)

Isn’t it silly to spend a week just to gather the good qualities I have? I mean, the only person who would get hurt if I am being open is myself. So, why bother being afraid?

Is it because we wouldn’t be able to shield ourselves from whatever opinions we throw onto ourselves? There would not be any barrier – not one like when our friend told us to toughen up and we were able to put a poker face before crumbling in the background. Our friends’ opinions on us might not be 100% correct, but ours easily hit the bull’s eye. So, perhaps, it is the fear of being hurt that is keeping us away from reflecting about ourselves.

We might be so blinded by the possibility of being hurt, that we forget reflection can only mean us knowing ourselves better, and therefore, our turning point to being better – if the condition we are in is not pretty.

We can also opt to try lying, making up wonderful stories, to ourselves, but in the end, we know that it’s not true. Oh heck, we know it’s false right from the start – yes, right from the start.

Now, do you have to courage to be honest to yourself? What are your hero qualities?

“The only thing greater than the power of the mind is the courage of the heart.” – A Beautiful Mind, John Nash.

P.S. This is the first part of my review of the book Make It Mighty Ugly, by Kim Piper Werker. The ‘ugly’ title and cover of the books caught my attention!

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