I was at Tanah Lot, Bali, yesterday. The sunset was beautiful, as it always has been.

Then I heard, “Oh, we won’t be able to take good pictures! It’s so crowded,” from a group of visitors. It’s sad to see them going all the way there just to be disappointed, by their perception* of what beauty means.

This is just one sample, but…

Is it true that being in the crowd means we won’t be able to enjoy the scenery, the attractions and all the beauty life has to offer?

And is it true that most people don’t understand that it’s their thought that counts, that their own opinion is the one keeping them on the ground, caged?


Tanah Lot, partially pictured imperfectly below, does offer an amazing experience; the waves, the Puras (Hindu temples), the rocks and greeneries, the sun and the silhouette. It feels good being here, being in the moment.


But, doesn’t sun set every day and every where (almost)? Then, do you feel the same serenity and also excitement – feelings often associated to purposes of vacations – in your everyday life?


I have lived more days in Jakarta** than in Bali – obviously, as I work in Jakarta – but have I taken the time to stop and spend aside 5-10 minutes a day to appreciate the sunset (it doesn’t really have to be the sunset, but you got what I mean)?

The atmosphere in Bali is, indeed, more natural and also relaxing, compared to Jakarta. It gives us the chance to feel calm – and we grabbed it as we don’t have other things to do (yes, some of us might bring along our notebook, just in case an emergency came up, but hey, why taking day off if you are going to work anyway?)

But, shouldn’t we be able to feel alive everyday, not just when we are on holidays?

The sunset is beautiful in Bali. And also at other places we spend most of our time – if only we take the time to breathe and be still.


*Ironically, these tourists don’t like the crowd that are supposed to be at the tourist spots. And to prove that we are still able to have good time (and picture):


**Here is a picture of sunset in Jakarta:


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