Have you ever had hard times when it comes to regularly hitting the gym or picking up your notebook and write?

Good to know that some of you have not.

If you are a bit like me, who have stumbled upon walls – so high you think you can’t get through – when starting new activities, perhaps it happens because we are not accustomed to that particular activity, that we have not made the habit of doing it religiously (or we fear being judged). In her post Best Advice: Make a Habit of Something Every Day, Gretchen Rubin share the best advice she has ever got: “You should write practically every day.”

When reading her post, I wondered if there are things that I might have left just because I have not mastered it, or things that I do not pursue because I am not good at it, or things that I think I don’t have a shot at (such as, a master degree in Psychology or Social Science which are quite far from my undergraduate study).

To be honest, I think we all want to live our life with no regret, that at some point in life, we would be able to look back to our past and know that we could have not chosen to do what we did back then, yet we did it. And that if we’re given the chance to do it all over, we would still do what it was that we did. (Yes, to get to that condition, we need to know our self or at least agile enough to flex)

So, whatever your goal is, be it journal writing, book reading, thought sharing, or just exercising, do it regularlyGive it some time, if needed.

Err.. if you’re planning to make eating fatty burger daily, be sure to balance it with some work out. Or simply change it to less fat burger?


Some would say that we don’t have enough time to do all the thing we have to and would love to do. Well, we don’t. Therefore, we might want to choose to do what matters to us, those particular activities that will help us become closer to achieving our goal(s).

Photo credits: by Kannan Muthuraman – https://www.flickr.com/photos/wellbredkannanclicks/16687922703/

2 thoughts on “Make a Habit of … (insert anything you’d like to be great at)

  1. I do consent with what you have wrote decently regarding making the new habit. One of my pastor in my church had said that boys do things they like and want whereas men do what they should. Doing a good habit incessantly and constantly can be an invaluable act in pursuing your dreams, it is true. But it is not starting the habit that is elusive, it is the will to keep doing it all the time.

    A bit of creativity is definitely needed in your life to cast away your boredom, which is why reading and writing can help you to decompress your frazzled mind to inhibit monotony to stay in your head. Shakespeare once said that there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Likewise, Emerson also said that good manners are made up of petty sacrifices. Hence, if you like to do something that you like, make time for it then keep doing it decently, especially when you realise it is a good one. Believe that everything you have done will not be a waste for God will turn it all to you in the right time. You would not know what will happen next if you do not dare to take the first step, will you? XD


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