I might have been too loud. I caused, and probably will still cause, tension to arise.

Today, I get into a debate – I would call it a discussion, if the tone had been unassuming and non-judging – over Facebook France Filter. I was trying to say that people who use the filter shouldn’t be seen merely as people who only take advantages (read: creating a pretentious image) of the tragedy (of themselves), but also as people who, at least, learn about the tragedy (through the social media). Despite the fact that some prior tragedies were not covered and that some will go back to their original standing after some time passes, it can be seen as a starting step to break our current habits (and who knows some stuck with it).

Last week, I was in a meeting with friends. I understood that the intention behind the meeting was good, but I felt wrong about the reasoning. And there, I spilled it out. And, just a few days ago, I argue that joke about racism is not to be taken too lightly.


(All right, you caught me! I’m going to stop talking about myself from this point!)


The thing that I want to share is that conflicting emotions, uncomfortable situations will happen in our life, be it in our home, at our work, with our friends, etc.

Now, what should someone do about it?

Let those emotions be, those conflicting situations around? Or should they confront it? What are the long-term benefits of both approaches?

In my experience, I try to express what I feel is wrong (and some numbers to back it up, sometimes, if needed). If it turns out to be just me, great! At least the pretentious harmony, the silent unexpressed tensions, and disrespectful environment is just my mind’s made-up stage! Otherwise, we will then be able to make corrective (and preventive) efforts into it!


I’ll continue to speak my mind out, without being too loud, to share that the point of speaking is to seek out the reasons and solutions, and not to blame and obviously not to dump others down! (Quoting Adele’s “It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry”!)



P.S. I leave the long-term benefits open, as I believe you would be able to share more about it than me! Drop your comment below! 🙂

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