How do you connect yourself with things you’ve never experienced?

Let’s say that you’re an agnostic and that you do not understand why people hold on to their religion so air-tightly: you might not understand why ‘rituals’ are more important than good deeds. How do you understand those people?

Another case that’s more business related: Let’s say that you majored in a field where the majority of students are female, and then you worked for companies with many female execs or a startup which practice meritocracy. How do you come to imagine that there’s places where females are still undermined? (Disclosure: I was at #WonderTech Indonesia Kick-off Event: Inspiring Female Careers earlier)

One possible way is to LISTEN.

Listen to the story and inquire what’s beyond the story told. Listen to how such story unfold. Listen to understand the root cause, and then maybe fix it, if needed and possible — many stories have reasons that runs deep, and many story tellers might not be ready to listen to others’ stories.

Do share about your personal way of coping!

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