They don’t care about your Shiny Things


I repeat.

People. do. not. care. about. your. shiny. things.

You name it.

That grandeur project. That new system. Not even your brilliance.


But, people care about the whys.

Why that project? Why that new system?

Why, oh why, you think those things matter?


Furthermore, people care about the how.

How you communicate that project? How you ensure people’s positive reaction? How you discuss and collaborate with them?

I’ve been learning about it, over and over again, these three and half years, from all of those internal communication I have to ensure resonate with our people.


You know what?  My most important takeaway is not that.

It is this: People do not mind your sh*tty things either.

They care about why it happens. They care about how you communicate it. They care that you treat them like human.

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