On Psychological Well-being

On Psychological Well-being

Out drinking with a few best friends, I threw a topic about our goals – what we want to be doing in the next 5 years. Everyone seemed to know where they were going, except for me.

So when it was my turn, I had to pause and think whether I should answer it diplomatically (I had a vague idea of what I want to do in the long run, but I didn’t know how to get there yet).

The question that struck me was: Why was I reluctant to talk honestly about my condition to some of my closest?

In a TED Talk, Guy Winch, a psychologist and an author, shared that we are practicing favouritism towards the body over the mind. We started caring about our gum health since we were children. We know that we have to cover that cut we have on our body so it doesn’t become infected. Continue reading “On Psychological Well-being”

Incivility in Life

Incivility in Life

Rudeness in work is rampant, and it’s on the rise.

As I read this opening line in “The Price of Incivility: Lack of Respect Hurts Morale – and the bottom line” by Porath and Pearson in HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Emotional Intelligence, I paused breathing for a moment.

It was shared in this research-based article that incivility can present itself in many forms, from insults, blame, belittlement, rudeness, door slamming, side conversation, exclusion, blatant disregards of people’s time, to a short check on your phone when someone else is presenting to you.

I couldn’t agree more. The conversations I had had with others, the incidents I had seen, the stories I had heard from many others, and the lessons I had learnt from my own experience suddenly hit me hard. They point me to the conclusion that rudeness in work – sorry, I meant, in life – is rampant, like the flowers blooming in the spring (except that one is not as favourable as the other – well, both are not favourable if you’re allergic to pollen or if you are a lonely hopeless romantic guy/girl).

Why would I say so?

Continue reading “Incivility in Life”

Those Blue Eyes

“Let’s get out of this town,” she told me quietly, after our long conversation.

Hours had passed by, but my attempts to read beyond her lips failed. The only thing I picked up was her wish to escape, to leave. I lost to her poker face, her naturally made-up act and always-on smiles.

They may say eyes are the window to the soul, but her beautiful blue eyes said nothing.

“Don’t run. Aren’t you tired of running away?” I tried to persuade her back into the common senses.

She shake her head, “No.” I stood there while she retreated into the void.

Keeping The Noise Out!

Keeping The Noise Out!

When was the last time you tuned out the outer world and just listen to your inner voices? And when was the last time even your inner voice discourage yourself from being fantastic?

I know a friend who was trying to shut out outsiders’ discouraging opinions about her, either it was that her dream job was unreachable, that she will need a long time before succeeding in that career, or that she was simply not fit for the job, the list goes on. She excelled in doing so, but yet to reach her dream.

Staying away from the discouraging opinions from others may help us being more confident of ourselves and enable us to take a leap of faith. However, Continue reading “Keeping The Noise Out!”

Make a Habit of … (insert anything you’d like to be great at)

Make a Habit of … (insert anything you’d like to be great at)

Have you ever had hard times when it comes to regularly hitting the gym or picking up your notebook and write?

Good to know that some of you have not.

If you are a bit like me, who have stumbled upon walls – so high you think you can’t get through – when starting new activities, perhaps it happens because we are not accustomed to that particular activity, that we have not made the habit of doing it religiously (or we fear being judged). In her post Best Advice: Make a Habit of Something Every Day, Gretchen Rubin share the best advice she has ever got: Continue reading “Make a Habit of … (insert anything you’d like to be great at)”

The Sunset is Beautiful. In Bali.

The Sunset is Beautiful. In Bali.

I was at Tanah Lot, Bali, yesterday. The sunset was beautiful, as it always has been.

Then I heard, “Oh, we won’t be able to take good pictures! It’s so crowded,” from a group of visitors. It’s sad to see them going all the way there just to be disappointed, by their perception* of what beauty means.

This is just one sample, but… Continue reading “The Sunset is Beautiful. In Bali.”